House, Car Disinfection Atomization Sprayer Fogging Machine

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New Multifunctional Car atomization zterilizer indoor disinfection air purifier



【Buyers must-read】

[Using steps of atomizer]
1: Put the atomizing sterilizer in the car, it is best to turn on the air conditioner (cold air) and medium air circulation at the same time during disinfection.
2: Plug in first,
3: The lower key is turned on (toward the 11 vertical side), wait for the indicator light on the top of the handle to light up.
4: Put in disinfectant water, adjust the time and close the car window tightly (lead the plug from the gap of the door and do not press the line.
5: After spraying, disconnect the power supply after about 5 minutes, quickly remove the machine, and leave the door closed for 10 minutes to complete the construction.

6: After taking out the machine with disinfectant water, wash it with clean water (switch to: 1 vertical side),
7: Finally press the middle O reset switch to return home.
8: Same as home disinfection
9: Automatic power off when no disinfectant is available
1 X atomization zterilizer